Customized platform for after-tax wealth compounding, powered by advanced investment science and technology

DEALS - sophisticated tools for sophisticated clients


Separately managed account implementation offers full flexibility and control



Customizable core equity holdings with numerous funding options



A systematic approach to investment management and institutional quality risk management



Advanced portfolio engineering with modern sophisticated tax-loss harvesting

The next evolution of tax-loss harvesting strategies

  • Quantinno’s investment advisory services utilize our proven TaxEdge® technology platform running live since 2018.
  • Fully customizable core equity portfolio.
  • Applies a modest long/short extension to generate consistent and compelling tax benefits.


  • Separately managed account implementation offers full flexibility and control.
  • Choice of passive or active implementation that pursues additional uncorrelated returns over the benchmark.
  • Long/short extension may generate multiple times larger tax benefits than traditional approaches.

Improving legacy tax-loss harvesting

Traditional tax-loss harvesting strategies typically ‘max out’ within a few years, leaving you with an over-priced index fund with minimal tax benefits and few options to switch without incurring a tax bill.

Quantinno offers a tax efficient ‘off ramp’ from your current program into a more efficient solution that will reinvigorate your tax-loss generation. Quantinno’s unique implementation means you can enjoy significantly better annual tax benefits consistently for as long as you hold the account.


Diversifying concentrated stocks

You may have a large position in a highly appreciated stock and want to diversify into broad equity market exposure.

Investing in an exchange fund is one option for tax-efficient diversification but can be a complex and expensive proposition. There’s also typically a seven-year lock up, high minimums, and the fund may not even have the capacity to take your stock.

Quantinno’s DEALS Exchange is a turnkey solution that can wrap your single stock with a modest long/short extension to systematically sell down your position over time in a tax-efficient manner. The result is that you are fully diversified into a DEALS strategy with a diversified core equity benchmark of your choice in as little as six years.


Making idle holdings productive

Flexible funding options for DEALS accounts may expand the strategy’s potential impact, as a modest long/short extension can be implemented on top of existing public equities, ETFs, or mutual funds.

This flexibility may allow investors to turn idle holdings into productive assets that generate tax benefits to help make other portfolio assets more tax efficient for enhanced after-tax wealth.


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